The 5 best things to know before buying web hosting space

The 5 best things to know before buying web hosting space

Having a website or blog requires you to have a web hosting account. Without hosting, it is not possible to have an online presence or do business online. While its true that you can get a free blog on Googles bloggers site with free hosting, you should also realize that Google can access it for any reason at any time. And many times for different reasons, they do it.

There is not much about any recourse and your blog site information is literally gone in a flash. So, referring to blogs, I refer to blogs like, WordPress, which allows you to place them in your own hostroom.

Therefore, its important to start with a good web hosting provider to have a strong online presence in terms of a website or blog.

Here are the 5 most important things you should know before you decide on your website, and be sure to follow this to avoid the pitfalls.

1 Server uptime

An important thing to look for in web hosting is server up time. While 100 percent uptime can not be guaranteed by any web hosting company, you can safely find a host that ensures that your website is getting up 99 percent or more of the time.

2 cPanel

Another important factor is to make sure that your web host uses the cPanel Administrator interface.

cPanel is most popular online because it allows you to easily manage your web space. Be sure to avoid hosts who do not use cPanel.

3 Support

This is very important because if you have a technical question, do good support the difference between night and day. Good support will respond quickly, especially when you have a pressing technical issue.

With a good host, you can easily handle any support issues via email or support tickets. But be sure to read the terms of the support service or even personally so you will know what to expect on support issues along the way.

4 Features

You want a host with many features because things can become expensive later if you need to add them. A good idea is to get a plan that contains as much in the package as you get without compromising on quality.

Its well worth having more than you need, even if youre not ready to use it right away. As your website grows, you will find that you need more resources to meet your online presence, so its good to have a robust account. But with that said ... you have to draw the line so its not overkill.

For example, if you want to add more sites to your server space, its a good idea to have some space ready to grow into.

And it can happen faster than you expect. So its very good to plan ahead by knowing that your web space is well equipped with most of the usual bells and whistles, you will need to keep your website. And keep in mind that you can always add some very necessary extras later when time comes.

And finally...

5 Hosting Costs ...

Youll find hosting costs from a few dollars to a few hundred dollars a month plus and everywhere in between ...

The cost does not always reflect the quality, so you really need to see what you get. Compare many plans to help you make the best decision.

But I can say that it is not uncommon to find web hosting costs of about 24.95 per month for decent web space with 300 to 500 MB web space.

Its about 300.00 a year and can be quite expensive if you have to keep adding more resources. But if you do your homework, you get a much better chance of finding a good host at a good price.

And with much competition out there, if you look hard, you can find better web hosting that comes out every day.

Lets summarize the 5 best things you need to know that can help you make a good decision ...

1 Look for 99 percent plus server up time ...

2 Make sure your host offers cPanel to easily manage your site s ...

3 Read support terms so you know what to expect from any support information ...

4 Look for robust hosting features without jeopardizing overall quality ... sometimes sounds better but if they can not deliver its not better

5 Hosting Costs Go for most bang for your buck by comparing different hosting plans even without jeopardizing the quality of quantity and looking at the heavy monthly costs that can add up.

There you go ... You now know the 5 best things to look for when considering good web hosting and with these important tips, you are well on the way to having a strong online presence.

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